This Is How to Clean the Carpet Correctly

Carpets in the family room can be one of the favorite places at home where you and your family spend a lot of time together. As a place for you to relax while chatting or watching TV with your partner, or also as a place to play for children.

But have you and your family experienced sneezing while in the area? Or even feel itchy even? If yes, then it means you have to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet better. Or you also can call fishers carpet cleaning for maximum and satisfying care and cleaning.

Here are some ways to properly clean the carpet at home.:

Use a stick broom or vacuum cleaner

Dust not only makes the surface of the carpet look dirty but also reminds you of germs and fleas that can interfere with your health. This is one reason why carpets need to be cleaned every day and washed regularly to keep them clean.

How every morning uses a vacuum cleaner or at least a broomstick to remove dry dirt and clean the top of the carpet. Then, sweep the floor where you are laying the carpet.

If possible, dry the carpet in the yard so that the carpet does not smell and avoid mold. If you want to extend the life of the carpet, occasionally take advantage of professional carpet cleaning services to clean the carpet thoroughly.

Clean food and drink stains

Just admit that you like to eat, drink, and snack on the carpet while watching television. As a result, food and beverage crumbs sometimes spill over the carpet and leave stains.

Try to save the carpet from the sticky stains by cleaning it as soon as possible. The trick wet a towel or cloth with water mixed with soap, then press the part of the carpet affected by food and beverage stains, such as sauce, soy sauce, syrup, soda, tea, and coffee.

Repeat this way until the carpet is clean again.

Cleaning wax droplets and gum

If there are wax droplets and gum sticking to the carpet, immediately use ice cubes to clean them. The trick is to put the ice cubes into plastic and place them on top of the wax drops and gum to harden.

Use a spoon to lift wax and hardened gum from the surface of the carpet. Wet the cloth with water and soap mixture to remove the remaining wax. What needs to be considered is to avoid rubbing the remaining wax and gum with the brush because it risks damaging the carpet.